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South Indian Actress Namitha joins BJP

South Indian film star Namitha joins BJP The actor joined the party in the presence of BJP working president JP Nadda. She was accompanied by her husband Virendra Chaudhary. Earlier, the actress had taken up membership in AIADMK . The actress joined the BJP on her resignation. Namitha was the star campaigner of AIADMK in the Lok Sabha elections. Radha […]

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Businessman and Bajaj Group Chairman Rahul Bajaj has said that the people of India are afraid to speak out against the government. Rahul Gandhi is referring to Amit Shah. He also said that he was not sure if the Narendra Modi government could take criticism with the right attitude. Rahul Bajaj criticized the Union government at the Economic Times Award […]

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Afghanistan: Visiting Trump announces resumption of negotiations with Taliban

The U.S. president came to greet his troops on Thanksgiving. He took the opportunity to meet his Afghan counterpart On this long Thanksgiving weekend in the United States, Donald Trump was able to create the event. The US president announced Thursday during a surprise visit to Afghanistan that negotiations with the Taliban, which were halted in September, had resumed. The […]

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Sangh wants Shiv Sena to reunion? Uddhav’s claim: RSS leaders had contacted

Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray has claimed that the union leaders had approached him and initiated the initiative to discuss the formation of a government with the BJP. According to sources, Uddhav Thackeray rejected the offer. On October 24, maharashtra results were completed on Sunday, while there were several occasions when the BJP-NCP came together to form a government. However, […]

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How the whole game changed in Maharashtra Politics

Just before bedtime on Friday night, Uddhav Thackeray must be thinking about the preparations for the Maharashtra chief minister’s oath the next day. Twenty years later, shiv Sena was about to become a chief minister for the first time and the Thackeray family for the first time. By Friday night, it was decided that Uddhav Thackeray would be the chief […]