Now, like other prepaid and DTH industries in India, the broadband market has also grown quite competitively, and all this is being considered by the launch of ftth service on behalf of Mukesh Ambani-led company Reliance Jio. Before the launch, the JioFiber service was very much hypnotizing and remained in the limelight for a long time. However, when the service was actually introduced into the market, what was expected was failing to attract public attention in a way. Reliance JioFiber’s plans are still getting some degree of response from the public.

However, if we know anything about Reliance Jio, it is a fact that it is not going to lag behind in the form of a company and is not going to sit silent. That is why, as a new step, Reliance Jio is looking to do exactly the same. Telco has launched a new JioFiber plan for subscribers which is also believed to be the cheapest plan in reliance Jio roster. The JioFiber plan that we are talking about is the company’s plan worth Rs 351. Let us know everything about this plan.

The first thing to note is this plan has been introduced to consumers who don’t want too much data and speed, although wanting to use the Internet from time to time. Consumers may also look at the current pricing scenario in the market that this plan is coming within Rs 400 and what we are getting in it remains the same with all of us, so we may feel that the price is very low, what if it is priced very low? We are offering all that we really need. Coming to the advantage of this plan, Reliance Jio has noted that this JioFiber plan offers 50GB of data per month to users and will come with 10 Mbps speed. The scheme will have a speed of 1 Mbps. In addition, subscribers will also get free unlimited calling facility.

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