US tech giant Apple is soon to launch its cheapest iphone SE 2 (iPhone SE 2) at the global level. At the same time, a number of reports related to this phone of the company were leaked, including price and specifications. The recent report says that the production of iphone SE 2 will start from the new year. But the company has not given official information about the launch of this phone. The company had earlier introduced iphone SE. So let’s know about the iPhone SE 2

Leaked report of iPhone SE2
According to the Barclays Analytics report, the production of iphone SE 2 will start from February 2020. Earlier, the leaked report said that the manufacturing of the phone will commence from January. On the other hand, this phone can be launched in March.

Possible price of iPhone SE 2
According to the leaked report, the company will keep the price of the next SE 2 at 399 dollars (Rs 28,000). The production of this phone will start from February. But the company can sale from 20 to 40 lakh units of this iphone.

Possible specifications of iPhone SE2
The company can give iphone SE 2 a design like the old iphone 8. Users will also get the Touch ID button in this phone, which has been removed since the face ID arrives. According to media reports, the company will give new flagship features in this phone. Users can also be given the latest a processor in this phone.

Support for three GB RAM
The company can give users the option of 3 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage in this phone. As media reports, users will get a single rear camera and LCD display in this phone, which LG prepares.

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